“Chemical Analysis. Laboratory Manual” – for chemistry students

Svarbiausios | 2023-06-22

Solving various problems related to chemical compounds and chemical industry often requires chemical analysis. Historically, the qualitative and quantitative composition of substances used to be determined primarily by chemical methods based on the formation of a compound with characteristic analytical properties due to chemical reactions. This is where the name analytical chemistry comes from.

This coursebook “Chemical Analysis. Laboratory Manual is intended for the students of the Bachelor’s study programmes at the Faculty of Chemical Technology of Kaunas University of Technology studying the Study module Chemical Analysis. Chemical analysis as a science is largely based on laboratory experiments and experimental skills; therefore, gaining the required skills and understanding through laboratory works is fundamentally important. Laboratory works are an integral part of any course in the field of Chemical Analysis. During laboratory works, students get acquainted with the purpose of labwear and equipment, their use and analysis techniques.

Laboratory works supplement lectures, allow students to test practically and understand the theoretical statements of the classical methods of chemical analysis, develop the skills of chemical and analytical thinking, as well as skills of evaluating experiments and their results. The problem-based learning methodology is applied to the analysis of the samples when students combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills, precision as well as abilities to apply the given analysis schemes so that to solve the tasks they have been given.

The purpose of this coursebook is to guide and help students prepare for prepare for laboratory works and perform them as well as control works according to the outlined methodologies and procedures.

You can buy book: e-parduotuve.ktu.edu