Educational book “Ceramics Practicum” – all essential aspects of clay in one place

Svarbiausios | 2021-08-05

If you are studying the modules Chemical Technology of Ceramic Materials, Synthesis of High-Temperature Materials, Building and Fine Ceramics and Refractory and Modern Ceramics at KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology, you definitely need this book. 

The educational book Ceramics Practicum written by scientists Raimundas Šiaučiūnas, Edita Prichockienė and Agnė Šmigelskytė will help you better understand the test methods of raw ceramic materials and the products made from them. However, it is important to say that the book can be useful not only for the students in this field, but also for hobbyists and just about anyone with this kind of interests. 

The book discusses methods for checking the properties of clay, the determination of the chemical and mineral composition of clay and other essential aspects of relevance. 

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