Exercise Notes for the Course Nonlinear Dynamical Models

Svarbiausios | 2023-05-23

The course “Nonlinear Dynamical Models” covers broad topics starting from the classification of linear systems described by ordinary differential equations, finishing with the pattern formation in nonlinear systems described by cellular automata.

The prerequisites of the course do require a successful completion of such courses as mathematical analysis, differential equations, and numerical methods. This tutorial helps the students to follow the theory and practice, and to execute the individual assignments of Laboratory works, especially the first three laboratory works.

All computations in these Exercise Notes are illustrated by MATLAB code. A prior knowledge of MATLAB is not required, each exercise is illustrated by several examples in MATLAB code. However, the students are free to choose any other programming language.

Exercise Notes are organized in the self-explanatory mode. The students are advised to copy and paste the text of the given programs, run the code, produce the results, and continue experimentations.

You can read ebook: https://ebooks.ktu.edu/product/exercise-notes-for-course-nonlinear-dynamical-models